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Any Apple panel replacing cost is 33 pounds

We are specialized in Touch Repairs…… We have Around 90% of Any type of Touches on Sale.

We are specialized in Touch and board repair services.

We are an Excellent Repair shop, beside having online stores. If you are looking for a Repair Shop. Then you are good to place an order for your item. You can choose your item and place an order with full Satisfaction. What you need to do, Is to post the item to our shop. we will fix it and will send Repaired fully working machine to you with in two (2) Working Days free of postage charges. Please do not hesitate for your payment. You are on eBay and you are on safe side. We will charge you only for Service. No Service, No Payment. Please Feel Free if you have any question.

How can you use our Repair services:

  1. Contact us to discuss the issue. We will discuss details about the service and answer any questions you may have.
  2. Send us the Machine
  3. We will fix your Machine within two days
  4. Only after we have fully restored your Machine and it has passed all hardware diagnostic tests, we will take payment from you via purchasing this listing.
  5. Your Machine will be sent back to you and should be with you the next day.
  6. Please Note:
  7. We are Touch Specialist. you can browse our shop. beside this we sell many types of touches and computer accessories off line.Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for any part. We provide 5% Discount in Repair charges, to our customers, if they buy the item and fix (repair) it with us.
  8. Our delivery address: Capric Technologies Ltd, 580 Kingsland Road, Hackney, London E8 4AH.
  9. Please CONTACT us if you have any issues, we will try our best to help.
  10. Please understand this job is for replacing the touch glass/digitizer ONLY, for any other issue that your machine have, please let us know, so we can diagnose and fix it for you with a reasonable price.
  11. For London local customer/retailer, Please call in with your machine, we offer same day service.
  12. For UK customer(outside London), send your machine to us via secure delivery, normally we take 1-2 working days to fix, test and return the machine to you via secure delivery.

Note: To replace this touch screen/digitizer, we have come across that some customers in the past had found it very difficult to replace the touch digitizer on their own, e.g. no right tools, wrong procedure of fixing, and “THINK it’s easy”, as such, result in damaging the items, causing delays and unnecessary costs .

please contact through this number  07462777177


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