Buyers Guide


Buying a replacement laptop screen could be difficult if you have not purchased before. Laptop manufacturers are using a variety of screen panels when assembling a same model of laptop. Therefore, your laptop model could be available more than one type of screens. In order for the screen to work correctly, the replacement screen must have same size, backlight type, data connector and resolution as faulty screen. However, to ensure that you are purchasing the correct replacement screen, we’ve created a buyer’s guide to help you through the process so you can quickly select the type of screen that will work for your laptop. But, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you in every way possible.

The terms CCFL and LED are the two different types of screens that laptops can use. This is important information to know because one type will not work on a laptop that requires the other. For those needed CCFL model, there are two types of backlights 1-CFFL and 2-CCFL.

CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light – High Intensity Discharge Lamps) was mostly used in older laptops. It comes in two types 1-CCFL or 2-CCFL and also required an inverter to power the lamps. 1-CCFL or “single backlight” contains one bulb to light it up and a pair of wires at the bottom. It has one white inverter connector that is used for plugging into inverter board. 2-CCFL or “dual backlight” contains 2 bulbs, has 2 inverter pair cables as well as 2 inverter connectors.


LED screens are the most common, especially in new laptops and they are available in several different types in terms of resolution, data/video connectors and the type of fittings needed depending on the laptop you own. LED’s are becoming more famous because of higher efficiency in terms of size, resolution, power consumption, heat generation etc.


If you have never purchased laptop screen before, then you’ll need to know a little information about your existing faulty screen before you buy replacement. The most important information is the manufacturer’s code and the screen size. Fortunately, the information for both can be found in one place, on the back side of the screen itself.

If you have removed your faulty screen from laptop, simply turn it around and look for the manufacturer’s code which is written on the back. This is the information you need to search for in order to get correct replacement screen. For example let’s say the code you find on the back of your laptop screen is LTN156AT01.

This translates into having a Samsung 15.6 inch screen. The “LTN” is the code for Samsung and the “156” is the code for the screen size of 15.6 inches. You’ll often see this code next to or above the UPS bar code for the screen.

A list of LCD screen manufacturers along with their abbreviations is given below. The first few letters of the model number correspond to the manufacturers. 

AU Optronics – B
ChiMei Innolux – N
Chunghwa – CLAA
HannStar – HSD
Hitachi – TX
BOE-Hydis – HB or HM or HT or HV
K & D – KD
LG Philips – LP
Matsushita – ED
Mitsubishi – AA
Quanta – QD
Samsung – LTN or LT
Sharp – LQ or LM
Toshiba – LTM or LTD
Tianma – TM

Here are some examples of different manufacturers screen part numbers.