15.4″ LG DISPLAY LP154WX4(TL)(D2) Laptop LCD Screen Compatible many Brands


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LG DISPLAY LP154WX4(TL)(D2), LP154WX4-TLC1, LP154WX4-TLC3, LP154WX4-TLC8 Many more Laptop 15.4″ LCD LED Screen listed below
# Aware about this all items we have, We have mixed part number but all items are compatible listed below. please make sure your order with your requirement compatible with any model listed below, we not accept return you received with listed any model number, if you can mention when you place order with your perfect part number, so we try to find your perfect item.  Mistake by us in wrong item who not listed in description we accept return, replace or refund excluding postage Expense.  

Product Information
MODEL NO. :  LP154WX4(TL)(D2), LP154WX4-TLC1, LP154WX4-TLC3, LP154WX4-TLC8 model compatible & others model listed below please match with your requirement, before you buy. buyer get randomly item to post.  


Compatible model:
QD15TL09 Rev.01,   QD15TL07 Rev.03,  N154I5-L02, N154I5-L01, N154I3-L04,  N154I3-L03,  M154NWW1-001
LQ154K1LBXX , LQ154K1LB1CY, LQ154K1LB1B,  LQ154K1LA1F, LP154WX5-TLC1, LP154WX5-TLA2
LP154WX5-TLA1,  LP154WX4-TLF1, LP154WX4-TLE2, LP154WX4-TLD4, LP154WX4-TLD2,  LP154WX4-TLCB, LP154WX4-TLCA,  LP154WX4-TLC8, LP154WX4-TLC5,  LP154WX4-TLC4,  LP154WX4-TLC3, LP154WX4-TLB5,  B154EW06 V0,   B154EW04 VB, 
B154EW02 V5.

LP154WX4(TL)(D2), LP154WX4-TLC1, LP154WX4-TLC3, LP154WX4-TLC8 is a color active matrix TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
liquid crystal display (LCD) that uses amorphous silicon TFT as switching devices. 
This model is composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit and a backlight unit. 
The resolution of a 15.4″ contains 1280(RGB)×800, WXGA  pixels.
6 O’clock direction is the Optimum viewing angle.



• High contrast ratio, high aperture structure 

• Wide XGA+(1280 x 800 pixels) resolution 

• Low power consumption 

• Fast Response 

• DE(Data enable) only mode 

• 3.3V LVDS Interface


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